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Inspired by, the following is a list of my personal 'stack' as of 2023-07-12.

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'Uses' Background:

In February 2023 I saw a hacker news that linked to Uses.Tech which is an interesting consolidation of the 'setup, gear, software, and configs' used by software developers. Each listed software developer includes a link to that developer's own hosted /uses/ page.

At first I wasn't sure how the website was able to find and consolidate all the information without any apparent schema as all the developer websites seemed to be formatted differently. I then noticed at the bottom of the website that a link to the Github Repo that describes what the project is and how to contribute. Sadly, there is no magic happening. I was thinking maybe a web crawler searching for an consolidating tags from all websites with a /uses/ page. It turns out folks manually submit their data via a pull request and just link to their personal website.

It's still a nifty directory and I intend to submit a PR to have my own /uses/ information included. Following is a snippet of the json that is included in the PR to have content included in the site:

    name: 'Isaac Wyatt',
    description: 'Aviator, Mountaineer, SAAS/Tech, Coder, GTD & PKM Nerd, SF Bay Area to Seattle, Angel & Advisor, BBA, MBA',
    url: '',
    twitter: '@isaacwyatt',
    emoji: '🤓',
    country: '🇺🇸',
    computer: 'windows',
    phone: 'android',
    tags: [
      'VS Code',
      'Angel Investing',
      'SF Bay Area',
      'Video Games'