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From hypergrowth startups to mega corps, I've solved scale and growth challenges for some of the most recognizable companies in the world. I focus in helping B2B software companies with GoToMarket challenges by de- and re- constructing the Customer Journey and the business workflows that support it.

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a tree growing up out of a brainTIL ("Today, I learned"[1]) is my public "Digital Garden". The Map of Contents lists the pages for areas of interest ranging from 🛠 Productivity (GTD and PKM), 👨‍đŸ’ģ Coding, đŸ’ģ B2B Software 😇 Advising, đŸ”Ĩ FIRE, 👨‍✈ī¸ Aviation, 🏔 Mountaineering, 🎮 Video Games, 🏍 Motorcycling , 🏕 Camping , 🏙 The PNW, The SF Bay Area, and Santa Barbara.


linkedin logoWhether to reconnect, pitch me on your start-up, or follow my social musings, let's connect! Please introduce yourself, how we know each other, what we have in common, and what you would like to work on together.

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  1. "Today I Learned" image generated by Craiyon (Formerly DALL-E Mini): ↩ī¸Ž