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In 2019 I earned my private pilot certificate in single engine land ("SEL") technical advanced aircraft (TAA) in Palo Alto, California ("KPAO").

One will usually find me flying Cirrus aircraft like the SR-20 or SR-22T on the western side of the United States.


The reasons I fly don't have to do with earning money as a pilot. It has more to do with the adventure of flying, seeing things from a different perspective, challenging myself to accomplish something few people do, learning something new, opening more possibilities for weekend getaways, and doing something that lets me treat friends to new experiences.

Frequent answers to questions

Okay, I was only asked that last question once, but I'm still uncertain whether they were joking or not when they asked. I had been giving a safety brief to a passenger regarding the Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System ("CAPS").

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