I don't call myself a 'programmer', nor a 'software developer ', nor an 'engineer'. I don't have a formal education in writing code nor have I been formally employed in such a capacity.

Though I have programmed in a variety of languages, released a handful of tools, and supported users of my tools - it was never in my job description and I was never compensated as a programmer.

Instead of 'programming computers', what I do is 'coding', and I use mostly high level languages and scripting languages to do it.

In 2023, I started a project to learn enough about modern software development to write an app. You can read about the journey via the Blog Chain: Write an App.

You can view some of my projects on my GitHub Profile.

💡 More of my tools, services, and media preferences can be found on Uses.

Coding Experience & Projects











I also learned to use several no-code / low-code automation tools, ETL tools, and how to use both SOAP and REST apis. I may have crashed Salesforce.com once but you cant prove it and I'd deny it if you tried. More recently, I've been exploring web stacks using NPM, Markdown (see: TIL (Today I learned)#Infrastructure Stack) and static site generators.