I've been coding as a hobby since my mother brought home a second-hand VIC-20 from a garage sale when I was six years old.

💡 See some of my projects on GitHub and the tools and services I use on Uses.

Languages and Projects

Tech Projects
Rust - TaskWarrior MSRV CI Automation
- Roguelike Dungeon Crawler Game
- Basic terminal computer game
C# - "Qbert" Processing CSVs and inserting data into Salesforce and Eloqua
- "CodeSpider" web crawler to identify out of date code and content
- "CSVCompare" to dedupe email lists using MD5 hashes
Python - Personal Productivity Data Analysis
- Library Sciences Authorship Analysis (NDA)
R - Customer Scoring using Neural Nets, Random Forests, Decision Trees, Linear Regressions
- Social Network Analysis
- Myers Briggs Type Indicator Classification
- Competitive Fitbit Clustering
- Shopping Basket Analysis
SQL - Built Customer Scoring Model
- Data Integrity Analysis
- Salesforce.com ETL & Data Replication
- Sales and Marketing Funnel Data Analysis
React - "AugustRush"" Wedding Website
Lua - "AlphaZero" Custom User Interface for World of Warcraft
Qbasic - Choose your own adventure games
- Screen Savers
- Arena fighting game


Tech Tasks
Github Repo Management, PRs, Issues, CI Workflows
Hubspot Automation, Campaigns, Configuration, Reporting
Intercom Automation, Configuration, Reporting
Salesforce.com Custom Objects, Custom Apex, Custom API Integrations, Reporting & Dashboards, Workflows, etc.
Marketo Automation, Campaigns, Configuration
Zapier Automation
Looker Custom Models, Dashboards, Reporting, APIs
Tableau Custom Models, Dashboards, Reporting, APIs
Talend Open Source ETL Salesforce.com -> MySQL DB


I've also learned to use several no-code / low-code automation tools, ETL tools, and how to use both SOAP and REST APIs. I may have crashed Salesforce.com once but you cant prove it and I'd deny it if you tried. I made this website using 11ty from Markdown, and hosted on Vercel. (see: TIL (Today I learned)#Infrastructure Stack).