TIL ("Today I Learned")

TIL[1] ("Today, I learned") is my experiment creating a public "Digital Garden" for exploring and sharing content in passion areas.

The 🗺Map of Contents lists the content of the site, including topic areas, blog posts, articles, and blog-chains:

Why do TIL

Write to dispel the curse of knowledge, to find your people, and to become.


Infrastructure Stack

This entire website is built using the following:

This setup allows me to write and publish content right from within Obsidian.md which could be on my laptop, desktop, or mobile phone.

💡 More of my tools, services, and media preferences can be found on Uses

Content production

This is all an experiment, and like others, it will someday be over, and abandoned, to be replaced by the yet another experiment, or like all things eventually, the void.

Although I intend to focus primarily on the bulleted passion areas above, as of 2023-03-01 I'm still working on building pages for each of them, all of their associated meta data, and making sure the infrastructure and my writing environment are working well together.


As of right now, I do not have a feedback mechanism other than Google Analytics, so the best way to discuss content with me is via The Fediverse on


  1. "Today I Learned" image generated by Craiyon (Formerly DALL-E Mini): ↩︎