February 02, 2024 - Six-month check-in on Coding -> Programming

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Google Bard Generated Image: An image of a person walking toward the horizon on a path made of matrix-like code symbols

On 2023-07-26, I wrote about starting a journey from just being a hobbyist coder with no formal education in software development, to becoming a programmer. The journey is mostly semantic, as the distinction between the two is optics. Still, for me the difference matters as a point of pride and maybe even future career prospects.

Since that declaration, I've accomplished a lot, but I have no external signals on if it is enough. Since then, I've:

To support my journey, I've also:

My plan for the year:

The idea with completing a project in each of the above coding projects is to:

  1. Demonstrate skill and knowledge in a topic area to prospective employers
  2. Experiment with what type of programming projects I like most and then focus on those
  3. Work toward a generalized 'full stack' experience, but specialize in one area

To formalize these goals, I've also baked them in to my annual goal setting framework and set up a goal in Daylio to code and commit every day.

I'm happy with my progress, enjoying my current project (more to come on that), and looking forward to future projects.

If you are someone who wants to help me on this journey, I'd be interested in:

I can be reached on LinkedIn, and Mastodon.