June 02, 2023

Topics: Coding, GTD

Personal Productivity Charts

Spent entirely too long to make this chart to look at how effective my GTD workflows are.

  1. I exported data from my to-do task manager (Gqueues) to csv

See Using Gqueues for GTD for my GTD methodology.

  1. Used the Python library Pandas to massage the data into something the bar chart function can use

  2. customized the chart to make it somewhat legible

  3. there is some data cleanup to do

I've hidden the legend of category/colors in this chart to keep personal stuff safe, but each of the colors in the bar segments represents a different priority in my life.

Pasted image 20230602174619.png

It is was a fun Coding exercise in which I got to exercise long-atrophied Python muscles. It yielded interesting insights, but I'm unclear if anything I noticed will greatly change any behaviors going forward.

I think most of all this initial draft shows a benchmark of where my "natural" ratios of task categories are at. If there is a notable deviation in future versions of this chart, I'd expect to be able to explain it with a change in priorities or use it as feedback that I need to re-consider my priorities.