August 21, 2023

re: Aviation - Flight to Friday Harbor, WA

A friend, a toddler, and his mom joined me in an adventure to fly to Friday Harbor, WA (KFHR) last week. Friday Harbor is located on the San Juan Islands and just a few miles from the international border with Canada. The airstrip is a wonderful un-towered airport within a short walk to the quaint downtown area and a bakery, coffee shop, and art museum along the way. The Cirrus SR-22T that I flew made the flight very short, though there was a 90 minute wait for a fuel truck at the start of the day.


It was a fantastic day trip and my third to Friday Harbor.

re: Coding

This Post is part of the Blog Chain: Write An App (2023) Blog-Chain.

This past week I did a quick chapter from The Rust Book on using Structs which was timely, because that seemed like the last component I needed to do a very basic program I hope to share soon. Once I knocked that out, I used the remainder of my coding time this week to build out a boringly simple text-based monster combat game. It used most of what I've covered over the last month, and I had the advantage of having written something similar before when I was a teenager in Qbasic with my best friend.

Its been the most fun week of coding so far, and am looking forward to digging in more this week and have a project to tinker on when I need to shift the focus of my energy.