November 02, 2023

In 2013, some friends and I were writing a video game blog called "DeltaAttack" and I was weaving in my interest in data science and machine learning.

At the time, the statistical programming language R was having its moment and although there were no R packages that could classify text into Myers-Briggs type indicators, I did find a web api that as of 2023-11-06, still operates.

The code I put here was a bit hacked together to scrape a gamefaqs text document which has the entire script from Final Fantasy VI available for each character, which I sent through to the web api that actually has the MBTI model. I did the remainig graphic work once I got the results.

It was a fun project but could have been done even with simple curl commands up until I put the graphic together. But the point was to learn R, write for the game blog, and have some fun learning about the personalities of the characters from my favorite Final Fantasy game.

Pasted image 20231106182824.png