July 27, 2023

re: Coding

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Late last night I:

Today I:

I feel like I should figure out why those things I did ended up fixing the issue, but the debugger runs now, and I've run out of time to work on the issue.

Next Steps

Because of my limited time today for this project, I think I'll save creating and committing to a GitHub repo for tomorrow. I've already done these steps before for other projects, so don't anticipate it taking too much time or being too much trouble. 🤞

re: Hiking / Bouldering / Mountaineering

Today I summited Mount Si in North Bend, Washington via the "new" Mount Si Trail:

There is a nice bouldering rock-scramble to get up to the peak via what's referred to as "The Haystack".

Pasted image 20230727193331.webp

On the way up my first pitch, a Mountain Goat looked down at me somewhat defiantly, so I waited for him to decide what he wanted to do. I don't know if Mountain Goats are known to be aggressive or not, but given my precarious ledge, I thought it best to give him right-of-way.

Summiting a peak > 3500 feet was on my list of goals for the year ("Hierarchy of Fulfillment"), so its nice to have made progress on one (Coding), and knocked another one off.