October 10, 2023

Weekend Flight

Pasted image 20231006133435.png
Recently I flew from KRNT (Renton, WA) to KHQM (Hoaquim, WA) and back.

Flying IFR is a challenging but rewarding experience. The views in the Pacific Northwest when a cloud layer cuddles the mountains makes for a very scenic way to appreciate the beauty of the world.

🏃‍♀️I Run, but I'm not a Runner

I was asked recently if I would ever run a half marathon. I have, but my actual answer was that I don't run for fun. It's just literally the laziest and time-efficient way to exercise a few times per week. If there were no health benefit to it, I wouldn't do it.

Hiking and Mountaineering however, are wonderful. I love the exploration, scenic views, the meditative silence (when not ruined by noisy groups, nearby highways, or individuals on the trail playing music), the refreshing smells of nature, and many times, the greenery - not to mention the occasional wildlife. There may be a physical health benefit to hiking and mountaineering, but I think there is a much bigger mental health benefit and ,for some, a spiritual health benefit.