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2024-02-02 2024-02-02 | Six-month check-in on Journey from Coding -> Programming
2023-10-17 👩‍💻 Contributing to Taskwarrior - an Open Source task management system for the command line
2023-09-05 👩‍💻 Lessons from even Limited Progress in Coding
2023-08-29 🛠 Logjammed: Getting Unjammed
2023-08-21 🛫A flight to Friday Harbor (KFHR), and 👩‍💻 Coding Update
2023-08-14 👩‍💻 Ownership in Rust; Linux is for Puzzle Solvers;
2023-08-08 👩‍💻 Write An App: Rust; Jellyfin, NuShell, Rasperry Pi
2023-08-01 👩‍💻'Blaugust'; Learning to Shave Yaks in Rust
2023-07-31 👩‍💻 Learning to Code in Rust: 'hello world'
2023-07-28 👩‍💻 Write An App: Git First Things First
2023-07-27 👩‍💻 Write An App: WSL & VSCode; 🐐 Bouldering with Goats
2023-07-26 👩‍💻 Write An App: From 'Coder' to 'Programmer'

About "Write an app"

This "Blog-Chain" contains the posts on my journey to "write an app" in 2023 using modern software development tools.

"Writing an app" is a 2023 goal in my "Hierarchy of Fulfillment" - its perhaps a bad goal given its lack of specificity. But since its a goal for me, I know what it means: learn enough about modern software development to deploy a barebones app to either a mobile app store or website. It doesn't even have to be useful or good, as long as it is semi-functional and available.

This Blog-Chain is a collection of the posts related to this goal.


In facilitation of that goal: