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	Section Advisor & Consultant
	    Clients (NDA):a9, 2018-07-01, 2024-12-12
	    LaserLike :a11, 2015-05-01, 2020-05-20
	    Double Loop :a12, 2018-01-01, 2024-12-12
	Section Google
	    Strategy & Operations :a10, 2019-06-01, 2022-04-22
    Section HashiCorp
	    Sr. Director, GoToMarket Strategy & Operations :a8, 2016-10-01, 2018-07-01
    Section New Relic
	    Director, Marketing Operations :a7, 2014-01-01, 2016-10-01
    Section CMD
	    Sr. Analyst :a6, 2013-04-01, 2013-12-31
    Section Blue Jeans Network
	    Manager, Marketing Operations :a3, 2012-04-01, 2013-04-01
	Section Citrix
	    Lead Marketing Database Analyst :b1, 2006-09-01, 2012-03-01
    Section Prudential
	    Marketing Coordinator      :a1, 2004-11-01, 2006-01-01
    Section 🎓 Michigan State University
	    MBA                        :a2, 2009-04-01, 720d
	 Section 🎓 Siena Heights University
	    BBA    :a0, 2002-01-01, 42M
    Section 🛫 Federal Aviation Administration
	    Private Pilot, SEL, IR, HP :a13, 2019-09-01, 2024-12-31