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This is a page where I try out experiments on my website to see how they function, render, interact, etc. If you found this page, you may want to return to the Map of Contents to find actual content.



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From hypergrowth startups to mega corps, I've solved scale and growth challenges for some of the most recognizable companies in the world. I focus in helping B2B tech companies with GoToMarket challenges by de- and re- constructing the Customer Journey and the business workflows that support it.

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	Section Advisor & Consultant
	    Clients (NDA):a9, 2018-07-01, 2024-12-12
	    LaserLike :a11, 2015-05-01, 2020-05-20
	    Double Loop :a12, 2018-01-01, 2024-12-12
	Section Google
	    Strategy & Opertions Manager :a10, 2019-06-01, 2022-04-22
    Section HashiCorp
	    Sr. Director, GoToMarket Strategy & Operations :a8, 2016-10-01, 2018-07-01
    Section New Relic
	    Director, Marketing Operations :a7, 2014-01-01, 2016-10-01
    Section CMD
	    Sr. Analyst :a6, 2013-04-01, 2013-12-31
    Section Blue Jeans Network
	    Manager, Marketing Operations :a3, 2012-04-01, 2013-04-01
	Section Citrix
	    Lead Marketing Database Analyst :b1, 2006-09-01, 2012-03-01
    Section Prudential
	    Marketing Coordinator      :a1, 2004-11-01, 2006-01-01
    Section 🎓 Michigan State University
	    MBA                        :a2, 2009-04-01, 720d
	 Section 🎓 Siena Heights University
	    BBA    :a0, 2002-01-01, 42M
    Section 🛫 Federal Aviation Administration
	    Private Pilot, SEL, IR, HP :a13, 2019-09-01, 2024-12-31

Work History

headshot of Isaac Wyatt
Sole Proprietor
07/2018 - Present
Advisor & Consultant Helping clients build, scale, and support a world class Revenue Operations function
- Closed six figures of annualized contract value in first month
- Successfully helped close ~$1M pre-seed round for client
06/2019 - 04/2022
Strategy & Operations Manager Product Manage internal CRM accounts for over 10,000 users
- Drove GoToMarket (GTM) productivity increases for >8,000 FTEs
- Increased customer satisfaction 17.3% in single quarter
- Developed Customer Satisfaction dashboards for KPI/OKR tracking
- Reduced >$50M in Opex by launching, improving, and removing internal tools
- Helped facilitate multi-day strategy summit for 2020/2021
HashiCorp Logo
10/2016 - 07/2018
Sr. Director, GoToMarket Strategy & Operations Build out initial Sales-, Marketing-, and Customer Success- Ops aka “RevOps”
- Built and presented weekly executive revenue model dashboards
- Built GTM marketing & sales plans, forecasts, campaign KPIs, etc
- Implemented GTM reporting tech stack (Redshift, Looker, etc.)
- Used machine learning to help set/optimize sales targets
- Created and aligned customer journey across marketing and sales
- Executed marketing tactics to help drive 3x leads and 15x bookings
- Hired, led, and developed GoToMarket Strategy & Ops team
- Contributed in scaling HashiCorp from <$1M to >$80M ARR
- Consolidated, procured, and managed 24 technology vendors
New Relic Logo
New Relic
01/2014 - 10/2016
Director, Marketing Strategy & Operations Systems, Analytics, Marketing Resource Strategy, Automation, Enablement
- Led cross functional initiative to define and optimize sales funnel
- Launched GoToMarket tiger team of data analysts and operations
- Added >$500,000 to pipeline in a quarter using lead scoring model
- Hired 9 person team of analytics, operations, and enablement
- Built marketing automation integration to New Relic application
- Led Sales & Marketing alignment projects
- Developed and executed marketing tech strategy
CMD Logo
Creative Media Development
04/2013 - 12/2013
Sr. Analyst Project Management, Data Analysis, Client Management
- Managed six figure client projects to deliver analytics dashboards
- Identified optimization opportunities for clients to grow accounts
- Led the education and adoption of marketing automation
Blue Jeans Network Logo
Blue Jeans Network
04/2012 - 04/2013
Manager, Marketing Operations Marketing & Sales Operations, Automation, Analytics, CRM Admin
- Prepared and presented weekly GTM plan/status reports to C-suite
- Implemented predictive lead scoring program
- Built tiger-team of marketing, sales, and customer success ops
- Built analytics database ETL integration with Salesforce
- Implemented automated process to clean and normalize bad data
- Implemented email content strategy and drip campaigns
- Increased volume of marketing delivered leads with drip campaigns
- Increased sales efficiency by automating data processes
- Increased sales conversions by providing timely, relevant lead data
- Built advanced marketing and sales funnel conversion reporting
Citrix Logo
Citrix Systems
09/2006 - 03/2012
Lead Marketing Database Analyst Salesforce Admin, Analysis, Marketing Automation, Project Management
- Created customer scoring model to identify best campaign targets
- Create and deployed lead scoring model to accelerate sales
- Drove efficiency through creation of media spend forecast model
- Designed and implemented marketing database quality KPIs
- Programmed C# desktop applications to manage data integrity
- Early adopter and admin of Salesforce and Marketing Automation
- Managed list-build campaign generating sales pipeline increase
- Designed customer-marketing operations and lifecycle process
- Implemented automated email suppression file management
- Increased data integrity by creating automated software solutions
Prudential Logo
Prudential Properties
10/2004 - 01/2006
Marketing Coordinator Print Advertising, Direct Mail, Website
- Created print advertising for real estate in local newspaper
- Built direct-mail campaigns for team of 30 real estate agents
- Coordinated monthly events with lenders, Realtors, home owners
- Built database of properties and advertising activity


Michigan State University
Michigan State University
08/2009 - 03/2011
Master's Business Administration (MBA) - Additional studies in corporate strategy, statistics, game theory
- Applied winning quantitative trading techniques to stock portfolio
- Summer residency in Brazil, working with Petrobras & Azul Airlines
- Team awarded best of show in tradeshow exercise
Siena Heights University
Siena Heights University
08/2003 - 08/2005
Bachelor's of Business Administration (BBA) - Specialized in management & marketing - Graduated early by testing out of a semester of classes - Additional Studies at Kellogg Community College

Additional Qualifications & Interests

Former advisor for Menlo Park Complete Streets commission, public speaker, tech industry advocate, hobbyist programmer (SQL, C#, R, Python, Rust), co-founder and writer for video game blog from 2008-2014 with one million+ annual visits, mountaineer with several notable summits including Mt.Whitney, cross-country motorcyclist with zero accidents and 50k+ miles, and FAA certified aircraft pilot with advanced ratings.