March 16, 2024 - Pictures from a Hike and a Fire

Topics: Hiking, Mountaineering, Camp Fires

Pasted image 20240316202732.png
On a morning hike, the sun filters down between and through the green moss clinging to standing and fallen trees

The last few days have been particularly pleasant in the Pacific Northwest ("PNW") - warm, sunny days that finally break the chain of the great long dark of winter cold, snow (when it finally came), and rain.

Not only was the weather a reprieve, but it lined up with the weekend, allowing for its capture in the ways only accessible when we aren't scrambling to and fro to meet the needs of daily life.

So for this weekend, I started with a hike and captured some great shots of the beautiful morning sun illuminating the denizens of the forest in just the way that only early birds get to see.

Pasted image 20240316203251.png

I filled my mid day with yard chores, which are only ever pleasant when the weather turns just the way you want it to, and put together a small fire to close out the day.

Pasted image 20240316203431.png

It is now almost black outside, save for the remnants of a burning log and some embers, a half moon, and the glow of my laptop screen. Soon I will close out the smoky fire, retire indoors, but perhaps not before I peer at the fire through the bottom of a glass of Lagavulin.