July 12, 2023

Topics: Video Games

Video Game Cake

Recently I ordered a cake for my best friend. I'd never ordered a cake before. I was inspired to order him a cake that is a based on a cake from a video game he and I played in our youth: The 7th Guest.

The 7th Guest could be described as a "spooky" themed Myst. The player navigates through a haunted mansion solving puzzles to progress the story. In doing so, the player uncovers the plot of the Mansion's owner and his victims.

One of the puzzles the player must solve involves going in to the dining room of the mansion, and removing pieces of a cake:

Here is the cake in the game:
Pasted image 20230712090543.png

Here is the cake that "Cakes-A-Bloomin" made for me:
Pasted image 20230712090622.png

My friend said its "the most epic birthday cake I've received as an adult, and maybe ever". He then sent me a marked up photo of the solution to the puzzle that outlines the groups of five pieces to be removed:

Show Solution

Pasted image 20230712095101.png

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