June 20, 2023

TIL How Easy and Accessible 3d Printing is

I used a local library's maker space to make a custom trophy for my friend. This is the first time I had anything 3d printed and was pleased with how easy it was to find 3d models, get help from a local library's maker space to get them 3d printed, and the quality of the finished result.

A close friend of mine had his first child about 20 months ago. He told me his "Dad Goal" was to be like Bluey's Dad (Bandit).

So I decided to find a 3D model of Bandit and a trophy pedestal, and get them printed at a local library's maker space. I then sanded and glued them together and printed a banner to go around the base. Finally, I shipped it to arrive just in time for Father's day.

My friend really is the most like Bandit of anyone I know so he totally deserves this award.

Pasted image 20230620150615.png